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ANNE PENNYLEGION is a handspinner, dyer and encaustic painter based in Earl Grey, Saskatchewan. Creating unique colours and working with natural fibres including wool, quiviut and silk led her down a path to another ancient material: beeswax. In encaustic painting, molten beeswax is mixed with pigment to create paint which is then applied to a rigid support. Fusing occurs between layers of paint, resulting in a luminous, shiny surface. Encaustic painting is one of the most ancient forms of painting.

Born in Montreal, Quebec and raised in Toronto, she is a relative newcomer to the Canadian prairies. The colours of the land are amongst her favourite in her palette.

Workshops and classes at the Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre in Regina and St. Peter's College in Muenster, Saskatchewan led her to finetune her interest, and focus on encaustics. In 2014, she was fortunate to receive a CARFAC Saskatchewan painting mentorship. She was also recently involved in the Imago Mundi

project, creating a miniature encaustic painting that will be included in a book of Western Canadian works of art, "Oh West Canada!".

"A fascination with colour and a deep respect for traditional materials - beeswax, paper, wood and raw fibre - and an appreciation for the beauty of everyday objects, simple forms and shapes, informs both my handspinning and painting. This will eventually lead to a merging of the two into one practice. I am drawn to the rhythmic movement in spinning and the sweet, sweet scent of beeswax, and the meditative qualities of both."

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Beefy Boy
After the Storm
Eye of the Storm
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