Karen Klevgaard

I grew up in rural Saskatchewan, and was always interested in drawing; I sketched cartoons as far back as I can remember.  I set that aside while raising a family, but art would sneak in from time to time: I doodled when I could, and painted all the walls of our children’s playroom with full-size Disney characters.


Life, in the form of a job, and world travel, got in the way of pursuing my art full time, but when I retired a few years ago, a Paint Night put a brush back into my hand, and I was pulled right back into the world of art.

I’m fortunate, in that I’m comfortable moving among mediums – watercolour, acrylic, oils, pastels and coloured pencils.  Each medium has a place in my art, based on the subject I’m tackling: coloured pencils give my subject warmth, and makes things like leaves glow.  Pastels are great for animals: the way they blend together gives fur a soft look the viewer can almost feel. I’m still trying to get on top of the eccentricities of acrylics, but a recent watercolour workshop in Texas eliminated my dislike of this medium, and now I really enjoy it and am learning all I can about how to make it work best for me. Regardless of which medium I’m using, I absolutely love getting back into art: so much so, that I had to make a strict rule not to paint before 2 pm, as I lose track of time and paint all day!

My preferred subjects? Anything that alive, whether that’s birds, animals, flowers, or people. Maybe it’s the power of nature that I am trying to capture.

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