DORIS KOLOWRAT was born in Germany and moved to the West Coast of Canada at the age of six. Raised in a relatively strict household to parents that escaped Nazi Germany, she turned to art as a form of expression.

Doris married at twenty and her husband supported her attendance at the Vancouver School Of Art for a two year diploma program. Family life and earning a living soon took priority and her art was abandoned for a “real job”. Over the next handful of years, and a move to Victoria, she dabbled in art here and there, but was never able to find the time to return back to making art.

Eventually Doris found herself taking Art History courses at the University Of Victoria and thoroughly enjoying them. Her fire was stoked and she tried to find some more space in her life to go back to creating art. It wasn’t until a 

move to Saskatchewan that she was able to find herself with the time to create.  However, even with the newly-found time, it was a huge struggle for her to start again. She was sure the artist in her had died a slow death, but she refused to give up. After a lot of positive self-talk and encouraging feedback from a new community of artists, she found she was able to muster up a resurgence of creativity which has since energized and delighted her.

Doris paints in the Abstract style and says “the way the paint flows is the inspiration that takes me to the intense colours and strong design that lead to a finished piece”. She has been exploring other genres, such as realism, portraiture, and collages. The return of her creative urge has been very important to her and she is truly overjoyed to be able to spend time truly doing what she loves.

Doris can be emailed through our Contact Us page