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Our goals are to:

  • be a registry for all serious visual artists creating fine arts or fine crafts, who live east of the Last Mountain Lake. Currently, our members come from Craven, north toDuval, and from the east shore of Last Mountain Lake to Earl Grey;

  • provide mutual support and strength to member artists, through meetings, events and educational opportunities;

  • improve our visibility to people and organizations who buy original Saskatchewan art and crafts;

  • enhance our community's understanding of, and appreciation for, the visual arts.


Because we wish to be inclusive rather than exclusive, we do not jury a prospective member for the quality, skill or content of his or her work. We welcome serious artists at all levels of experience -- from emerging to established -- who are engaged in the visual arts: drawing, painting, photography, sculpture (in, for example, stone, clay, or metal), fibre/textile arts, and such fine crafts as pottery, ceramics, stained glass and jewellery.


If you reside in the Last Mountain area, are creating fine artwork or fine crafts, and are interested in joining, please email us through the Contact page, or contact Catherine O'Byrne (306-725-3746) to find out more about how to participate.

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