Our annual East Shore Art and Craft Tour, held November 17, 2018, was attended by visitors from across the province.  This year, tour stops were at Bulyea, Strasbourg's "What If?" Gallery, and Duval's New School Pottery Studio.  Here are some photos taken at the Bulyea venue: 

Setting up:

Don Fairbairn with help from Pat Fairbairn

Shirley and Rod Wood setting up

that's Ross Perry

Show's open:

Erin Partridge

Erin Partridge

unidentified visitors bulyea show.jpg
Anne Pennylegion_Ross Perry_Shirley wood

the What If? Gallery made the front page:

Anne Pennylegion

Ross Perry

Shirley Wood

Catherine O'Byrne's show space

Some of Don Fairbairn's photography