Catherine O'Byrne lives south of Strasbourg, Saskatchewan, on a quarter-section dotted with large aspen bluffs and hidden ponds, which inspire her paintings. She first expressed herself through watercolour and graphite, but has recently taken up acrylic, which has freed her to paint larger pieces, and is now moving to less representational art.  She continues to use watercolour techniques - wet washes with splashes of various paints which allow serendipity to create the background of many of her pieces.  She loves working with texture and strong colours.


Catherine’s art is in corporate collections in Saskatchewan, and in private collections across North America and in the UK. She is a member of the the Regina Art Gallery, and is a founding member of the Last Mountain Artists' Collective and the Regina Art Collective.


Catherine can be emailed from our Contact Us page, or reached by phone (306-725-3746)

Tsukubai: Stone Basin in Japanese Garden

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