Rod’s affair with art started early in life and took him to the University of Regina where he completed a Visual Arts Certificate. Out of university he taught oil painting classes through the University Extension Department, St. Peter’s College and Carlton Trails Community College. Seeking a less frugal existence after getting married led to a 30 year career with CBC Television which he retired from as a Senior Graphic Designer. Along with his wife Shirley, he has enjoyed a rural life and is now happily settled in small town Bulyea. He has always enjoyed taking photographs and used this as his main artistic endeavour throughout his working/family raising years. Since his retirement he has painted watercolours and is presently involved with pastels.

Rod says “I want to excite people visually so they get enjoyment out of the simple act of looking and the pleasure of seeing.”

Presently he has work at the Handwave Gallery and is a member of the Art Gallery of Regina.

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