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ROSS PERRY is now living with his wife on an acreage in the Qu'Appelle Valley Region 30 minutes north of  Regina, Saskatchewan.

Mostly self taught as a painter, although has participated in workshops at the Neil Balkwill Center in Regina and looking forward to learning more about painting along my journey. "For me learning to paint has taking over 15 years of continual work to strive to get better and learning to be a better artist is my goal".

Living in the country, especially around Last Mountain Lake area has allowed me to find those unique areas, balancing nature and wildlife to providing inspiration to translate that to art as I see's it.

Painting mostly oil and some acrylic, also love to draw and do so in both graphite and colored  pencil.

Ross can be contacted through our Contact Us page, or via

Ross Perry photo.jpg
Shadows I
Shadows II
Through Trees
Winter Trail
Winter's Spendor
Early Moon
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