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Ross, now a Saskatchewan landscape and wildlife artist, also enjoys still life and drawing. "I believe that drawing is the foundation of every piece and that's what makes good art". Ross had an interest in the ARTS starting back in high school and began painting and building custom furniture.  ​"I always wanted to create something I could leave behind for others to enjoy". 

Now living with his wife north of Craven, Saskatchewan, on a farm, having lived mostly in the city of Regina. Ross is mostly self taught as a painter, although he has participated in workshops at the Neil Balkwill Centre in Regina and is looking forward to learning more about painting along his journey. "For me learning to paint has taking over 15 years of continual work to strive to get better and learning to be better is my goal."

Living in the country, especially around Last Mountain Lake area. has allowed him to find those unique areas, balancing nature and wildlife to provide him with inspiration to translate that to art as he sees it.

Ross paints in mostly oil and some acrylic. Feel free to visit

Contact Ross:

- through the Contact Page

- by phone 306-529-2347

- by mail at: Box 368, Craven, SK S0G 0W0